Off-track Thoroughbreds (OTTBs) are a very versatile and athletic breed, very well suited to, and successful in, a wide range of disciplines.  They are very intelligent, impeccably trained, and well exposed to a variety of stressors.  Most importantly, they have a lot of heart.  OTTBs have had a significant impact in our lives and words alone cannot express the respect we have for racehorse aftercare organizations, such as the LongRun Thoroughbred Retirement Society, that provides these horses with a dignified retirement and/or retrains and rehomes them.  It is for these reasons, and a multitude of others that Greytail Farm has committed to donate 2% of all horse sales to the LongRun Thoroughbred Retirement Society. To learn more about LongRun and how you can help, click on the LongRun logo.

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